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5050 IP68 outdoor RGB LED Tape


5050 IP68 outdoor RGB LED tape is fully coated by silicone/epoxy glue and then in fully-sealed silicone hose/tube. The RGB LED tape strip is an economic and easy choice for color changing lighting needs for outdoor applications. 30 LEDs or 60 LEDs per met

5050 IP68 outdoor RGB LED Tape
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Features & Benefits:

1.IP68. Fully-sealed robust and strong coating make this outdoor RGB LED tape possible to work in waters or tough environments.

2.Energy and cost-effective outdoor RGB LED tape is with standard tri-chips 5050 SMD LEDs. It saves more, when only 1 or 2 chips are working.

3.Dozens of colors and lighting effects can be created, when working with RGB LED controller. Static red, static green, static blue, static yellow, static      purple, static cyan, static white, seven-color jumping, single color gradual change, single color flashing, etc.

We also offer waterproof RGB controller to work together with this outdoor RGB LED tape.

( For more info for waterproof RGB controller, pls kindly click "Waterproof RGB Controller".)

4.Eco-green linear lighting option. The RGB LED tape does not contain any lead or mercury.

5.Low heat generated. Most energy consumed is turned into light. Emitting no UV or IR radiation as well.

6.Small profile and high flexibility. The RGB LED tape is 12mm wide and 3mm thin. Easy to be bent to any shape to match the applications.

7.Linear separable every 3 LEDs along the cut mark of the flexible PCB.

8.Easy installation with pre-applied 3M tape on the back or with mounting clips.

9.We also offer waterproof power supplies for this IP68 outdoor RGB LED tape.

( For more info for waterproof power supply, pls click "waterproof power supply".)

Specification for 5 Meter:

Notes for ordering:

1.Standard waterproof 5050 IP68 outdoor RGB LED tape comes in 12V DC input. 24V DC waterproof RGB LED tape is available as well.

2.Standard waterproof 5050 IP68 outdoor RGB LED tape comes in “White Color Flexible PCB”.  Brown or black color flexible PCB available as well.


1.5050 IP68 outdoor RGB LED tape is perfect to work as underwater lighting, outdoor lighting without any shields,decorative lights in gardens, floor lights,   or decorative lights in swimming pools, etc.

2.Outdoor RGB LED tape can be used in restaurants, hotels, home living rooms, kitchens, washing rooms, gardens, swimming pools, and limitless other places.

3.5050 IP68 outdoor RGB LED tape is good choice to work in tough outdoor environments.


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