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Waterproof LG5630 LED Light Bar


Waterproof LG5630 LED light bar is with aluminum PCB rigid LED strip inside the aluminum housing fully sealed by Silicon Glue. This waterproof LED cabinet light bar can be used for outdoor applications

Waterproof LG5630 LED Light Bar
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Features & Benefits:

1. Waterproof.IP67. Fully-sealed.

2. Robust. Fully-sealed aluminum housing provides good protection for this aluminum waterproof LED light bar.

3. It is very easy to install this waterproof LED light bar with mounting clips.

4. Good brightness. 72 pcs LG 5630 SMD LEDs per meter.

5. Good heat-dissipation. Aluminum PCB and aluminum housing provide good heat-dissipation for this waterproof LED light bar.

Aluminum PCB provides extra heat-sink to make sure minimum light depreciation and maximum life time of this rigid LED bar.

6. Custom-lengths available. We can custom them into various lengths that customer need.


1.This waterproof LED light ba is economic and good choice to work as under shelf lights in wet environments.

2.This waterproof LED light bar can work as refrigarator cabinet light.

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