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Tri-row 3528 LED Strip


Tri-row 3528 LED strip is a very high brightness LED strip that is 6 times as bright as our standard 3528 LED strip. 3 parallel rows of LEDs. High light output. 360 pcs LEDs per Meter and 5 Meter per roll. 24V DC.

Tri-row 3528 LED Strip
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Features & Benefits:

1.Super high density and brightness. 6 times as bright as standard 3528 LED strip.

We suggest customers to use some extra heat-sink to minimize the light depreciation and maximize the life of this double-row LED strip.


2.Small profile and high flexibility. This high density LED strip is 24mm wide and 0.25mm thin. Linear cuttable every 18 LEDs at 5CM.

3.Energy and cost-effective.

4.Eco-green linear lighting option. Tri-row 3528 LED strip does not contain any lead or mercury.

5.Multi color choices. This high density LED strip is available in cool white, warm white, red, green, blue, yellow, amble, purple.

6.Easy installation with pre-applied 3M tape on the back or with mounting clips.

Specification for 5 Meter:

Notes for ordering:

1.Standard Tri-row 3528 LED strip (360 LEDs per Meter) comes in 24V DC input.

2.Standard Tri-row 3528 LED strip (360 LEDs per Meter) comes in “White Color Flexible PCB”.  Brown or black color flexible PCB available as well.


1.Tri-row 3528 LED strip is perfect to work as under cabinet and shelf dispaly lighting for shoe/bag retail shops, back lighting for signage or product    display cabinets or counters for cosmestic industry,architectural decorative lighting, edge lighting for ligiht boxes, interior decorative lighting,etc.

2.This Tri-row 3528 LED strip can be widely used by lighting designers, electrical installer for shops, restaurants, signage manufacturers, etc.


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