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3528 LED Strip

3528 color temperature adjustable LED strip is built with array of 1 pc cool white LED after 1 pcs warm white LED. (120 LEDs per meter). Working with a color temperature adjustable LED controller, this 3528 color temperature LED strip can produce 3000~65

Tri-row 3528 LED strip is a very high brightness LED strip that is 6 times as bright as our standard 3528 LED strip. 3 parallel rows of LEDs. High light output. 360 pcs LEDs per Meter and 5 Meter per roll. 24V DC.

3528 LED strip is the most economic and nearly most widely-used flexible LED strip with excellent lighting effect and reliability. 60 LEDs per meter & 5 meter per roll as standard. Customer-tailored lengths acceptable. 12V DC or 24V DC input.

weatherproof IP64 3528 LED ribbon strip is with a layer of epoxy or silicone glue on the side with LEDs to protect the electrical components from dust, waterdrops, static. 3528 LED ribbon strip is another economic and widely-used flexible LED strip. 60 LE

Waterproof IP65 3528 LED strip is with a coating of fully-sealed soft silicone hose/tube. This waterproof LED strip can be used for outdoor applications. The 3528 IP65 waterproof LED strip is also economic and widely-used for outdoor appliations. 60 LEDs

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