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5050 Rigid LED Strip


5050 rigid LED bar is built with 72 pcs high brightness 5050 SMD LEDs. Aluminum PCB. Linear separable every 3 LEDs at a minimum unit of 4.17CM. 11.5mm wide and 2mm thick.12V DC.

5050 Rigid LED Strip
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Features & Benefits:

1.This 5050 rigid LED bar is built with high brightness 5050 SMD LEDs on aluminum PCB.

2.Aluminum PCB provides extra heat-sink to make sure minimum light depreciation and maximum life time.

3.Linear cuttable along the cut mark every 3 LEDs. We can produce 5050 rigid LED bars in different lengths to meet diversified customer demands.

4.Wires,all type of easy connectors available to be soldered to this 5050 rigid LED bar.

5.This 5050 rigid LED bar can work together with many other aluminum profiles to create best lighting effect and easy the installation.

(For info for aluminum profiles compatible with this 5050 rigid LED bar, pls kindly click "aluminum profile for rigid LED strip").

Specification for 1 Meter:

Notes for ordering:

1. We recommend customers to use extra heat-sink for this 5050 rigid LED bar to minimize the heat-dissipation.

2. We can supply 5050 rigid LED bar with proper heat sink. Pls kindly click "showcase Cabinet LED bar" for details.


1.This 5050 rigid LED bar is economic but of good light output. It is suitable for numerous applications.

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