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6" 20W COB LED Downlight


This 6" 20W recessed COB LED Downlight is built with latest Epistar COB LED with new optical reflector for better optical control. 20W. 825~975 lumen.External constant current LED driver. 85~265VAC.Fixed lamp head. Non-adjustable. 160mm cut-hole.

6"  20W COB LED Downlight
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Features & Benefits:

This 6" recessed COB LED Downlight is built with 1 pcs Epistar COB LED. (also called LED array downlight or LED module downlight).

The newest COB LED technology make the usage of faceted aluminum precision reflector possible, which greatly improved the optical control of LED downlights.

Good combination of newest COB technology and faceted aluminum reflector brings a lot of features for this 6" recessed COB LED Downlight, such as, more compact light source, streamlined thermal path and significantly reduced thermal resistance and increased operating temperatures, uniform high quality illumination without pixilation, uniform consistent white light without light glare, etc.


Excellent light and good reliability make this 6" recessed COB LED Downlight a good choice to work as mail lighting,general lighting, area lighting or accent lighting in numerous applications.

It is perfect to be installed in hospitality places, such as hotels, restaurants, offices, shop cabinets, shopping malls, clothes shops, kitchens, living room etc.



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