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5630 Under Shelf LED Light


This under shelf LED light is with super brightness 5630 LED strip inside the housing. 40~45 lumen per LED. 2400 lumen per meter. It is designed to work as under cabinet lights for applications where high light output is needed. Electrical connectors, e

5630 Under Shelf LED Light
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Features & Benefits:

1.Super brightness. One meter such 5630 under shelf LED light can produce around 2400 lumen.

2.Transparent/clear PC cover for better light transimission.

3.Easy installation. Mounting clips are provided for easy installation.

4.This 5630 under shelf LED light can be linked into 2~3 meters on one power feed.

5.Custom lengths available.

6.PWM dimmable. We can offer plug & play LED dimmers.

7.No UV. Low heat generated. This under cabinet LED light can protect the displayed products from light or heat damage when used as under cabinet light for     product dispaly cabinets, shelf, window.



1.This 5630 under shelf LED light is perfect to work as under-shelf, under cabinet light for product dispaly shelf, cabinets, windows.

2.High light intensity makes this 5630 under shelf LED light suitable to repalce T5 fluorescent tube.

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