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RGB LED Controller

Wall mount RGB LED controller is designed to be installed on the walls for controlling various types of RGB LED lighting fixtures, i.e, RGB LED panel, RGB LED strips, RGB LED downlight, etc. This wall mount RGB LED controller matches the wall holes. Europ

RGB LED Controller,24 key,with IR remote control board,maximum current is 2A each channel,3 Channel,12V DC input.

Waterproof RGB amplifier is designed to work together with waterproof RGB Controller and waterproof LED lights, i.e, waterproof LED wall washers. It is a perfect choice when you are using 12VDC or 24VDC LED wall washers or flexible LED strips.

RF RGB LED controller is a user-friendly RGB Controller. It is supplied with a 4-function-key remote controller. Advanced micro control unit is adopted. And this RF RGB LED controller is suitable for various RGB LED lighting fixture, i.e, RGB LED strips,

RGB Signal Amplifier is designed to work together with RGB LED lights and RGB Controller. As RGB signal becomes weak along the electrical connection, which affect the proper working of LED lighting fixture. So, the RGB signal amplifier is needed for amp

Raibow touch RGB LED controller is a user-friendly RGB Controller. It is supplied with a remote built with a "Rainbow" ring. When you touch the colors on the "rainbow ring", the RGB LED lighting fixuture will produce corresponding light colors.

This waterproof IP65 RGB LED controller is designed to work as controller for outdoor LED lights, i.e, outdoor LED wall washer, outdoor LED spotlight, outdoor LED strip lights, etc. It is equiped with waterproof easy connectors for plug and play installa

This DMX512 RGB LED controller is a full-color LED control system.It comprises scene-edit software and CTL controller. You can get various lighting effects by downloading the programmes wrote according to your special requirement in your PC. This contr

WIFI RGB LED Controller.it is with RF technology controller foundation.we could use our own smart mobile phone(Android or IOS system) to controll the RGB,Color temperature adjustable or Single color LED strip easily.

RF Color Temperature Adjustable Controller,It is with RF technology,It could controll the CW+WW,WW+NW,NW+CW,ETC LED strip easily.

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